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David S. Glicken

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney | Orlando DUI Lawyer

Experience Matters: Orlando Defense Lawyer David S. Glicken

Thumb david glickenThe Glicken Law Firm is a premiere Orlando Criminal Defense and DUI law firm with more than three decades of experience serving the people of Orlando Florida. There are few attorneys with David Glicken's deep legal history. He began his career as a Florida State Prosecutor who handled countless drug, organized crime, and pornography cases. For the last two decades he has been using his prosecutor's background to defend clients against every type of criminal charge. He can anticipate prosecutors' strategies. He knows the tactics that law enforcement officers use in an investigation. He knows the mistakes that law enforcement can make. Your constitutional rights should always be a priority. Too often, Florida prosecutors and authorities violate these rights. David Glicken will not allow them to get away with it.

For an attorney with detailed knowledge of the criminal justice system, comprehensive understanding of Florida and federal law, and for an attorney who has helped thousands of clients avoid jail time, call David S. Glicken. Wherever you are in Florida and whatever charges you face, call (407) 648-5400.

A Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer for the Entire State

Whether you face drug charges in Miami, or are arrested for illegal gun possession in Jacksonville, your Orlando attorney has the skill and experience to protect your rights. Though based in Orlando, he has represented clients in nearly every county in the state. He has relationships with countless prosecutors at the state and federal level and has defended clients against first-time DUI charges to first-degree murder charges. There is literally no area of the law in which he is not experienced. There is no substitute for such experience.

Whatever charges you face, you will find a tenacious legal ally when you call (407) 648-5400. Whatever the charges against you, including any of the following, we will protect your rights and your freedom:

Internet Sex Crimes—including sexting, child pornography, and solicitation Drug Crimes—related to heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and other common illegal drugs Prescription Drug Crimes—including prescription tampering, forgery and illegal possession Violent Crimes—including battery, manslaughter, murder, assault, and domestic violence   

For the best defense against prosecution, you do need a tenacious and passionate ally, but you also need an attorney who has a long history of success. David S. Glicken combines passion with skill and he has the record to prove his success. Your freedom, your reputation, and your economic security may be on the line. The stakes are too high. You must contact an experienced Florida lawyer who will stop at nothing to defend your best interests.  

If you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Florida, call (407) 648-5400. 


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