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Drug Manufacturing

Drug Manufacturing Charges in Florida

These Types of Charges are Prosecuted Extremely Vigorously

Drug manufacturing is a specific and serious type of drug crimes charge. As a result, these types of charges are prosecuted extremely vigorously. In fact, sometime they are prosecuted too vigorously. In order for a search to be considered valid under the law, a warrant or probable cause is required. This means that it is not enough to suspect that someone is manufacturing drugs. Reasonable belief of guilt is required.

All too often, law enforcement does not have the necessary warrant or probable cause. If this has happened to you, then you should know that a violation of your rights occurred. We will work to identify situations when a client’s rights were violated, and suppress any evidence that was gained as a result of inappropriate police procedure. These details can make all the difference in the outcome of a case.

And there is no substitute for experience when it comes to identifying defense opportunities like this. If you have been charged with drug manufacturing in Orlando or anywhere in Florida, don’t sit idly by while the prosecution continues to build a case against you. Contact us for a free consultation.

It is Possible to be Charged Even if There are No Drugs in Your Possession

Drug manufacturing charges are almost always made at the felony level. While methamphetamines are perhaps the most common manufacturing charges made against individuals in Florida, these charges have also been made against individuals trafficking or producing ecstasy, heroin, or marijuana, among others. Unfortunately, it is possible to be charged even if there are no drugs in your possession. Having the equipment, materials, or supplies on hand is often enough for law enforcement and prosecution to take action.

Individuals who are only users may possess drugs. However, individuals who manufacture drugs may be involved in the illegal drug industry at higher levels. Because the criminal justice system views these individuals as making money off of their illegal activities, and because manufacturing has the potential to negatively impact a high number of individuals, the penalties for drug manufacturing in Florida are quite severe.

The consequences of any individual case are dependent on a variety of factors. The drug being produced, the quantity, and the extent to which the individual being charged was involved in the manufacturing process can all influence possible penalties. However, as a general rule expensive fines and a three-year prison sentence at a minimum can be expected if you are convicted.

Don’t Settle When Your Future is on the Line

An experienced drug crimes defense attorney will examine the quality of the evidence that has been gathered against you, law enforcement procedure, and any witnesses that can be used in your defense. Don’t settle when your future is on the line. We have defended clients against manufacturing charges in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida.