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Violent Crimes

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney for Violent Crimes

Assault Defense Lawyer in Florida: Orange, Seminole Counties and the Entire State

No matter where you are in Florida and no matter the violent crimes charges that you face, David S. Glicken is more than qualified to protect your rights and your freedom. You may have been arrested for battery, manslaughter, murder, assault, domestic violence or vehicular homicide. Mr. Glicken has extensive experience in each of these types of cases and has been a successful attorney in Florida for nearly three decades. When your freedom is on the line, you need a relentless ally who has the skill to minimize your risk of conviction.

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If you are convicted of a violent crime in Florida, you may face

Several years, decades or life imprisonment Thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines Major restrictions on your behavior if an order of protection/restraining order is imposed Weeks, months, or years of counseling, mandatory therapy and anger management Community service and probation that can alter your life for years to come

Do not face these possibilities without a strong defense lawyer on your side. The stakes are too high; you need an experienced and rigorous Orlando defense attorney to guide you through the justice system and shield you from prosecution.

Skilled Orlando Criminal Defense for Vehicular Manslaughter, Domestic Violence, and Assault

From bar fights to spousal abuse, violent crimes in Florida are extremely common. As a result, many lawyers focus on defending clients charged with such violent crimes. Additionally, DUI arrests are common and, as a result, many lawyers defend people arrested for DUI. David S. Glicken is deeply experienced in defense of clients charged with such crimes. Misdemeanor DUI, assault and domestic violence: Mr. Glicken will defend you against such charges. However, if your case involves serious property damage, major injuries, or death, you will find that Mr. Glicken is particularly prepared for these high stakes and high complexity cases involving violent crimes.

Repeat arrests for domestic violence, assault, DUI, and other crimes can lead to serious consequences.  You have many choices of lawyers in Florida who can protect your rights. But if your case is extremely serious and your long-term freedom, financial stability, and reputation are in question, you may need an attorney with a long history of success and a particularly extensive set of skills. Call (407) 648-5400.