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David S. Glicken

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Drug Crimes

Former Florida State Prosecutor now an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Orlando Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

You have been arrested for a drug charge in Florida: cocaine possession in Miami; marijuana distribution in Tampa; heroin importation in the Keys. The state and federal authorities may behave as if you are already guilty. Against their abusive and arrogant behavior you need an experienced attorney who has the skill to shield you and defend your rights. As a former Florida prosecutor who focused almost exclusively on drug cases, Orlando Defense Lawyer David S. Glicken now uses his insider’s knowledge to defend clients against prosecution. No matter the drug charges you face and no matter where you are in Florida, call (407) 648-5400 for a consultation with the lawyer that you need on your side.

There is no substitute for experience in drug cases. Whether you face charges related to street drugs or charges related to prescription drug crimes, prosecutors at the state and federal level may be ravenous in their quest to prosecute. The drug war is lost but this does not stop authorities from trying to make an example of each person arrested. You need a drug crimes defense lawyer in Florida who knows the way that state and federal prosecutors and law enforcement officers will try to punish you. Your attorney should be committed to your rights and to your freedom. Your attorney should know what mistakes police and prosecutors often make. Your attorney should know the tried and true defense strategies that will work in your case. Your lawyer should also have the skill to develop new strategies that are tailor-made for your situation. Only an experienced lawyer can do this.

For an attorney with decades of experience and a history of successfully defending clients against drug charges throughout Florida, call (407) 648-5400.

An Accomplished Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer is on your Side

With decades of experience and a stellar reputation among his peers, David S. Glicken gets countless referrals from former clients. His reputation is built on success but also on his distinct approach to the law. Rather than looking at your case as a simple legal transaction full of complex technical details, he will develop a relationship with you; gather extensive information about you and your circumstances; and create the strongest possible defense of your rights. If you face Florida drug charges or federal charges, of course you need a deeply knowledgeable attorney. But you also need a committed ally who will always put your best interests first. Few attorneys have the ability to translate complex law into easily accessible language. Few attorneys have the long history of success and list of accomplishments that Mr. Glicken does. While he is prepared for nearly any criminal defense case in Florida, his experience may be most significant in the area of drug crimes. He began his career prosecuting high complexity and high dollar drug crimes in Florida. He can use this experience on your behalf now. He knows the criminal justice system from the inside.

Minimize your risk of prosecution on drug charges by calling (407) 648-5400.