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Prescription Drug Crimes

Orlando Prescription Drug Criminal Defense

Experienced and Highly Accomplished Florida Criminal Defense for Drug Crimes

As a criminal defense lawyer in Florida with more than three decades of experience, David S. Glicken has the resources you need. If you are convicted of a prescription drug crime in Florida, you face massive fines, community service, damage to your reputation, and, perhaps, a lengthy jail sentence. You can reduce your risk of conviction with a highly qualified attorney as your ally.

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Mr. Glicken began his legal career as a Florida State Prosecutor. After several years as a prosecutor and gaining intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system from an enforcement perspective, he entered private practice to defend clients. In the course of his career, Mr. Glicken has helped countless people avoid conviction and helped many of them completely avoid trial. No matter what drug charges you are facing, he has the skill and experience to effectively defend you.  He is particularly experienced with cases involving

Prescription forgery and tampering Possession of Oxycontin, valium, codeine, Ritalin, or other drugs without a valid prescription Doctor shopping Defense of doctors facing prescription drug charges

No matter the circumstances you face, you need the peace of mind that comes from experience. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you will know the many options you have for minimizing your risk of punishment.

An Orlando Prescription Drug Defense Lawyer Serving all of Florida

Regardless of where you reside in Florida—and even if you are only a part-time resident of the state—Mr. Glicken is on your side. People from Miami to Jacksonville call on him for his extensive experience in prescription drug defense. There are few lawyers with the deep knowledge and long history of success that he brings to your defense. Residents of Isleworth and Lake Nona can attest to Mr. Glicken’s exceptional legal defense. People in Alaqua, Lake Forest and other exclusive areas of Orlando are also more than familiar with the skill and resources that Mr. Glicken provides.

For an attorney who combines relentless dedication and knowledge with a record of success, call (407) 648-5400. Call now if you have been arrested for a prescription drug crime especially if your reputation and your livelihood are in jeopardy. Before you speak with police, before you try to argue your way out of a conviction and certainly before you speak with the media, call David S. Glicken for the aggressive and sophisticated defense that you need.