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Internet Sex Crimes

Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer in Orlando: Sexting, Illegal Pornography, Solicitation

A Florida Criminal Defense Attorney for Internet Sex Crimes

Many Internet and new media crimes are related to sex and many carry catastrophic penalties if you are convicted. You can minimize your risk of conviction on a Florida sex crime charge by contacting a skilled and experienced lawyer. David S. Glicken has been defending clients against every conceivable crime for almost thirty years and he has represented numerous clients against charges related to

Child pornography Solicitation using the Internet Production, distribution and possession of illegal pornography Federal crimes involving the Internet Indecent exposure with web cams Sexting

These represent only a small sample of the types of Florida sex crimes that your attorney is prepared to handle. Call (407) 648-5400 to discuss your case in a confidential consultation.

Florida Sex Crimes Defense against State and Federal Criminal Charges

Many Internet sex crimes involve national and international boundaries. Many people who are arrested for Internet crimes face federal prosecutors as a result. Only the most skilled and experienced attorneys can stand up to the resources of the federal government. Mr. Glicken has the experience and resources you need.

Your attorney should have the experience to anticipate federal prosecutors’ tactics and should know how law enforcement officers conduct investigations into sex crimes involving the Internet. These investigations can often result in violations of your constitutional rights and liberty. There are no more important rights than the ones guaranteed by the Constitution. If your rights were violated, you have been wrongly accused, or you have been entrapped, Mr. Glicken may be able to have your charges dropped long before a trial is necessary. He has gotten charges dismissed for countless clients. If your case must proceed to trial, you will have one of Florida’s most accomplished and experienced defense lawyers on your side. Minimize your risk of prosecution and call (407) 648-5400.       

If you are arrested for a sex crime in Florida that involves the Internet, you could face lengthy and, perhaps, lifelong imprisonment. The financial damages from fines and court costs may be devastating as well. You must have an aggressive and skilled lawyer on your side. State and federal prosecutors will be relentless in their pursuit of prosecution. You need an even more relentless defender on your side. Call (407) 648-5400 now.