While increased law enforcement efforts and policy changes in Tallahassee may impact the crime rates in cities throughout Florida, these can only be part of the solution. Community action is essential to combat crime. This is why recent efforts by an Orlando-based organization called Fruits of Glory Ministries should be lauded and emulated throughout the state.  

Dr. Sydel LeGrande, spokesperson for the organization, is putting her skill as a minister and a medical doctor to work in the fight against crime. Though her vocation is dedicated to solving the “black-on-black” crime problem, similar efforts can be replicated throughout the state for a wide range of problems related to crime. Orlando’s News 13 featured LeGrande in a recent story in which she explained the mentoring plan she is facilitating for children between four and eight years old. Her goal is to mentor the children and to train other mentors to encourage the children to respect life, practice empathy and seek peaceful solutions to conflict.

What impact will the mentoring program have? If the wider community supports this program and fosters others that are similar, the impact may be significant. While law enforcement and legislation can impact crime rates, these can only be part of the solution. Fruits of Glory and other grassroots efforts may be the best chance to make communities healthier over the long term.