In March Montavius Rakeem Postell was busted for cocaine. In the next 12 hours he made 25 different phone calls. According to authorities most of these calls were made to a young girl that he had turned into a prostitute.

Postell instructed the girl, who was then age 15, to sell her body for sex. He intended to use the money raised for bond to get out of Orange County Jail. Postell, who is 22, worked with his roommate to enslave the girl by way of using drugs and violence. A statewide investigation called "Operation Safe Harbor" claimed on Wednesday that Postell and his roommate pimped the girl out all across Florida.

Postell, who has also been referred to as King when involved in gang activity, was arrested on Tuesday night when he was staying at a hotel in Tampa. His roommate and alleged accomplice is Michael Kempfer, who is age 48. He was charged in the Polk County jail. Kempfer had been incarcerated there after there was a major prostitution sting back in May.

During the May operation, authorities arrested 92 people. They caught the girl as well as Kempfer, who had driven her to an undisclosed location in order to exchange sex for money with a patron. Kempfer claims he was not involved in human trafficking, though he admits that he assumed she was an underage prostitute.

According to officials, he claims he was paid between $20-30 for driving her to the location. Polk detectives obtained charges of human trafficking against Kempfer. One sheriff claimed that this is a good example of how prostitution is not a victimless crime, in spite of political posturing that claims otherwise. The sheriff stated that the young girl was very clearly victimized in spite of what anyone might claim.

Postell also has an extensive arrest record before the operations on Tuesday. Accusations have been made about lewd activities on children as well as possession of marijuana. He has also been involved in carjacking, loitering and aggravated battery accusations in the past. Detectives claim that he has been arrested 51 times in the state of Florida.