The area surrounding the University of Central Florida in Orlando has seen a huge increase in violence over the last several months. Campus police and the Orange County Sherriff's Department have responded by partnering to increase patrols in the area, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Though many of the crimes in the area have been quite minor property crimes, shootings and other serious crimes have also been reported.

While the increased patrols have likely been responsible for a reduction of calls related to raucous gatherings, the increased presence in the neighborhoods have also led to DUI arrests, weapons violations charges and drug-related arrests. Sex crimes, thefts and violent crimes all seem to have decreased since the new programs have been put into place. The increased patrols, of course, can only control a problem for so long. If the community feels that the police are behaving in overly aggressive ways or seem only to be enforcers, the tactics may become ineffective over time.