Though no one was injured in the incident, a shooting in downtown Orlando has led to the arrest of a 22 year-old Orlando man. Police say he fired several shots into an empty car in a parking lot located at Central Boulevard and Orange Avenue. The shooting seems to be related to an argument between two patrons at an area nightclub. WKMG Channel 6 reports that the man was arrested as he tried to flee the scene.  

Orlando City Police arrested the suspect at approximately 2:15 A.M. on Monday September 15. He could face charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and other charges that may land him in jail for a considerable amount of time. If he has a criminal record and depending on other factors in the case, he could face even more serious legal challenges including large fines, court costs and a prison sentence.

Though no one was injured in the case, crimes involving guns can lead to substantial penalties especially when crime in downtown Orlando is perceived as being on the increase. Prosecutors, in their effort to reassure the public of their commitment to peace and justice, may fight for the most severe penalties in cases such as this. A criminal defense attorney may be able to minimize the risks of such penalties.