Brothers Richard and Danny Delgado Cruz were in custody at the Polk County Jail Friday, May 17, when they were charged with another crime – the second one in less than two weeks.

According to police, on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 1, the Delgado Cruz brothers entered the Advance America payday loan store located at 1345 E. Vine in Kissimmee, where elder brother, Richard – brandishing a firearm – forced a clerk to turn over the funds in the cash register and safe while the younger Danny stood lookout.

The pair was officially charged with the May 1 crime while already being held without bail following their arrest stemming from a May 6 home-invasion robbery and sexual assault.

Police state that on the evening of May 6, the siblings approached a 20-year-old man outside his home in the Puffer Court and Halibut Road area of Poinciana. Wearing gloves and ski masks and speaking both English and Spanish, one of the pair held him at gunpoint while the other put a machete to his throat and moved him inside.

It is alleged that while demanding to know where valuables were kept, they ordered the victim to tie up his father and then they tied up the 20-year old, but they were then interrupted by his mother who had been taking a shower. The woman was forced into another room where both men raped her for 35-40 minutes, then used bleach to wash her entire body in an effort to remove any evidence of the crime.

According to authorities, the brothers then stole jewelry and cash – including a 5-gallon bucket of coins – before fleeing the scene.

The arrests this month are not the first encounter the Delgado Cruz brothers have had with the criminal justice system. In 2002, Richard was sentenced to four-and-a half-years for home-invasion robbery and nine years in prison for manslaughter. In April, 2008 he was released. Brother Danny was most-recently released from prison in January, 2009, after serving time for grand theft, robbery and battery on a person over the age of 65, and for possession and sale of cocaine.

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