On September 3 a man showed up to a hospital in Orlando. Police say that the individual had a serious gunshot wound. They promptly began an investigation afterward.

Investigators offered testimony in regards to the event. They stated that they believe him to be in his 30s. The last anyone knew he was in serious condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center. The one good aspect of the story is that the victim was receiving medical attention. Victims of violent crimes do not always seek the medical attention that they require, and this sort of behavior can sometimes end up with serious consequences.

Police are not yet sure exactly where the shooting happened. They had received a call about multiple shots being fired around the 700 block of Columbia Street. That is located in southwest Orlando.

Though police have not yet actually made an arrest, those shots were apparently fired shortly before the victim arrived at the hospital. While they are not in favor of wild speculation, investigators from the Orlando police force do believe that it is not outside of the realm of possibility for the two events to have been connected.

In fact, it is quite possible that the calls they received were from residents complaining about the very crime that took a toll on the individual who showed up at the hospital. A motive has not yet been established. Shootings like this can arise from any number of different situations.

Sometimes a domestic dispute turns heated, and other times police are looking at suspected gang violence. In other cases street fights that get out of control can end up this way. Regardless of what prompted the suspect to actually pick up a firearm and use it against this individual, investigators do not yet have an individual in custody.

That means the search will continue. Once a suspect is located they will be given the right of due process. As a result both sides of the story will be heard, and the suspect will have the right to legal council under the full extent of the law.