An Orlando police officer has recently retired in the wake of accusations related to bribery and other scandals. The Orlando Sentinel reports that "Police Lt. Samuel Riggi retired recently after being accused of accepting nearly $10,000 in cash from a sex worker." According to the report, Riggi was an undercover vice-squad supervisor with the multi-agency Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation who investigated massage parlors that were allegedly used for prostitution purposes. He was a 25-year veteran of the department and may not be subject to criminal prosecution despite being accused of accepting $10,000 in bribes. The woman who allegedly gave him the bribes was also having sex with him and has recently been arrested for prostitution. She exchanged the bribery information in exchange for what she hoped would be a dismissal of her case related to prostitution.

While a criminal case may not develop in relation to these allegations, the news is certainly not a bright spot for the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation or for police in the Orlando area. While the vast majority of police officers are committed professionals who abide by the law and protect the communities they serve, there are far too many who get away with many of the same crimes that the public would be prosecuted for.