A man from Orlando, Florida is in jail after allegedly trying to a rape a 9-year-old. A young girl went to her bedroom, reportedly to go and get a lollipop for herself. According to an arrest report filed by the Orlando police department, Richard Arvin Guevara then pushed the child onto her bed.

Guevara, age 52, climbed on top of her. She was terrified and she started to kick in panic. She screamed and tried to crawl away toward the side of the bed away from her assailant. However, he pulled her back toward the bottom of the bed. The girl tried escaping on three different occasions, but the suspect apparently kept dragging her back onto the bed.

Her assailant told her that if she did not stop screaming he would tell her family that she had been stealing money. Guevara then pulled the child's clothing off, covered her mouth and attempted to rape her. A family member walked in. Once they realized what was going on, the member of the girl's family started to hit Guevara until he left the room.

Nevertheless, Guevara claims that he would never do anything like that. He claims that she is lying. Several different police officers have interviewed the child as well as the other witness. As a result, they arrested Guevara on Sunday November 3.

He was booked into the Orange County Jail. His charges included false imprisonment of a child. He was also charged with sexual battery on a child as well as lewd behavior. Since he was apparently stopped in the act, these charges are slightly less severe than what the suspect may have gotten had the act continued on.

Nevertheless, they still carry a great deal of gravity. They are also particularly serious because prosecutors are often able to illustrate the serious harm that can come to a child as a result of this type of attack. These sorts of illustrations can seriously change the tone of a court case, especially if emotional damage to the child becomes part of the conversation.