Orlando police officers reported that a woman walking home from an Orlando nightclub was raped during the early morning hours of Sunday August 25. They reported that she stated that she had been walking home from the Revolution Nightclub. That establishment is on South Bumby Avenue.

As she was walking home, a motor vehicle pulled up near her. She reported that it was silver-colored. According to her testimony, she had been walking under an overpass before giving a homeless man some money. Those events had to transpire before the alleged assault happened, but she was not actually sure precisely where it happened.

The men in the vehicle began to yell sexually explicitly remarks. Some of these were allegedly derogatory comments regarding the victim's sexual preferences. Nevertheless, according to the victim's testimony to police she did not actually know these men. Some reports still suggest that she was particularly targeted on purpose in spite of the fact that she was saying that she did not know the individuals in question.

After the men stopped the vehicle, they got out. One of them pushed her to the ground. The driver then raped her. Police said that when the woman arrived, she had scratches on her arms. Additionally, she was found to have a laceration on her chin.

Police said that as a result of how the crime was carried out and the motivations behind it, it was being investigated as a potential hate crime. A fellow attendee of the Revolution Nightclub was actually surprised to hear that a woman was raped after leaving it.

His comments stated that he regarded the crime as sick. Additionally, a sergeant with the police force stated that Orlando officers seldom have to investigate hate crimes. It is not the sort of work that they are usually charged with. Since police do not have sufficient information on the crime, they have naturally reached out to the community. Other members of the community have issued warnings about the sad possibility of further sexual crimes in the area.