The Florida Supreme Court disciplined six attorneys including three from Orlando and permanently disbarred two, suspended two and publicly reprimanded two. This case should serve as a warning for all attorneys in the United States. An attorney Daniel Wayne Perry was to be publicly reprimanded following a Jan. 2 court order because he was found to have “improperly questioned the qualifications and integrity” of a judge in May 2010. Another fellow attorney Agustin Rafael Benitez filed a motion to disqualify the judge from a case. Benitez referred to the judge as “vindictive,” “unprofessional” and “dishonest.” Comments like those made by Benitez are unnecessary. Attorneys all around the United States have felt these same emotions about a judge at one point in there legal career. These words should not be published in the way that the Orlando Attorneys published them. Daniel Perry, who is a formed county judge, argued that he should be protected under his First Amendment rights.

As an attorney everything you say and do reflects your character and integrity. I believe that attorneys must be respectful, especially to fellow colleagues. The attorney’s that said those words about the judge should know the legal ramifications along with using words like that and publishing them. These case should be an example for all attorney’s who do not want to loose their jobs and damage their integrity at an attorney.