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President Allows Early Release for Dozens of Convicts, Many in Florida

There are thousands of petitions from prisoners in federal prisons asking for early release. President Obama recently granted it to 61 of them—including many in Florida—who were sentenced to harsh penalties under federal drug sentencing guideli...
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Justice Antonin Scalia Was a Unique and Powerful Influence

United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was recently laid to rest after passing away from natural causes in February. Having served the Court for over 30 years, Scalia was the longest serving current Justice. He was perhaps the most ...
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Relief for Some Juveniles Overshadowed by Abuse of Others

Recent changes regarding juvenile convicts is welcome news. President Obama has recently announced an executive action that radically changes how solitary confinement is implemented in the nation’s federal prisons. While new restrictions and gu...
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Reminder for 2016: Never Drink and Drive

A recent case highlights an issue that should always be in the forefront of public safety: never drink and drive. Whether on New Year’s Eve or any other time. The recent case involves a 32-year-old Deltona man convicted of DUI-manslaughter...
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Murder Trial Ends in Seminole County: Son Convicted of Murdering Mother

He was a drug addict. He was diagnosed with mental illness. He had threatened to kill himself many times. Throughout his teenage years, he ran away from home on numerous occasions. There is no doubt: Joshua Ortiz is a troubled 21-year-old and h...
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Recent Suicides in Florida Jails Demand Attention

It’s happened again: a Florida inmate has taken his own life. In May of 2015, 41-year-old Gregory David Larkin was found dead of an apparent suicide while he awaited execution based on a murder conviction. He took his own life at a Florida Stat...
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Community Action in Orlando—Across the State—Essential to Combat Crime

While increased law enforcement efforts and policy changes in Tallahassee may impact the crime rates in cities throughout Florida, these can only be part of the solution. Community action is essential to combat crime. This is why recent efforts...
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Orlando Shooter Jason Rodriguez Gets a new Trial

The case captured national headlines in 2009: the laid-off employee returned to his former workplace in downtown Orlando and opened fire. The alleged gunman, Jason Rodriguez, was held responsible for killing one person and injuring five others....
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7-Year-Old Girl Treated in Orlando After Being Mauled by Police Dog

The little girl was playing in a backyard when a neighbor's dog jumped the fence and seriously mauled her, biting her in the neck. The family lives near a Wildwood police officer who keeps his canine partner on his property between shifts. Thou...
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Orlando Police Chief Refusing Call for his Resignation

Orlando Police Chief John Mina appeared on CNN on June 16th to discuss a recent video that shows an Orlando police officer repeatedly kicking a man who appears to be sitting passively on a sidewalk curb. Chief Mina asserts that he is awaiting a...
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